Blog 2 Assignment – Characteristics of an Adult Learner

IMG_2495  Learning Across Cultures – By Ariane Tulloch (May 30, 2014)

Adult learning across cultures

I picked Ariane Tulloch’s article ‘Learning Across Cultures’ because of the close connection I have with the program I deliver to students in the schools.

The difference between teaching children (Pedogogy) and teaching adults (Andragogy) as in Knowles theory is adults are self-directed, have life experiences, need the learning to be applicable to job/life and adults collaborate with the teacher to promote their learning whereas children need to be taught the information.

When it comes to my experience teaching Aboriginal history and perspective I see myself using what is learnt is meant to be share view (Merriam & Kim 2008).  What lessons and protocols I have learned by my elders and teachers  I need to pass on.  Once it is put out there it is not mine to keep.  I view learning as a holistic approach (Prins 2011).  That there needs to balance in our lives in order to learn.  I believe that learning the cultural protocols of others is very important.

What I bring to my students now and would bring to my adult classroom is my cultural way of teaching.  I would use the non western form of teaching to the students.  First getting to know the students (check-in), talking circle to find out what they know, where they want to go with the learning, why are they interested in the course and how will they use the knowledge after.

Hun’a.qnak’nini (Thank You)





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