Preparing for Instruction 2 – Creating a Postive Learning Environment


The article I picked for this blog is from James Ballou called “Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Adults”. Edited by Jacqueline Chinappi (7/11/2011).

He talks about the importance of knowing the difference between pedagogy and androgogy when it comes to a positive learning environment for adults.  To remember that adults are coming in the course with experiences, knowledge and a desire to learn whereas children are fresh learners and are being taught the information with no experience and probably no knowledge.

Some keys points I need to remember from Ballou’s article are trust, open communication and a shared learning environment with my adult learners.  I need to engage with the learner and get to know individuals, what are their interests, knowledge, reason for taking the course and what they want to get out of it.

One thing I will need to be careful of is not to go back to the pedagogy teaching environment which I am so accustom of.  I need to have clear expectations, an open dialogue and when it comes to feedback, it must be done privately and in a professional manner.




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