Assignment 2 – Preparing for Instruction 3 – Motivation

How to keep motivation of the adult learner going in the learning environment?  As I read Chapter 8 – Motivation and Learning, from the assigned book, Adult Learning, Linking Theory and Practice by Sharan B. Merrian & Laura L. Bierema and an article called ‘Nine Strategies to Spark Adult Students’ Intrinsic Motivation’ by Ludmila Battista & Verlinda Ruble, I realized that the instructor needs to keep the student passionate about learning.

Battista and Ruble’s article focused on Intrinsic motivation and suggested strategies to encourage the learner.  Strategies like sharing experiences on the part of the learner and the instructor, inviting guests in to talk about experiences that are relevant to the course, taking students on field for the visual connection, providing other avenues of resources like mentorship and counseling services.

It will be my job as the instructor to keep the student passionate about tIMG_1674he material and course.  One way I can do this is by getting to know the student, share my experiences and reason I am teaching the course, invite them in to share openly and freely in a safe environment and to encourage an open dialogue.

This is no different than I do right now with the students I work with.  When we share in the talking circle, students are encouraged to share and express their feelings, concerns and opinions with the teachings of the seven sacred teachings; respect, truth, love, courage, wisdom, humility and honesty.  It’s about building a relationship of trust.

As the instructor I will hopefully realize when the student may be struggling and help them get back the passion of learning again.

Nine Strategies to Spark Adult Students’ Intrinsic Motivation


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