Week 8 – Preparing for Instruction 5 – Transformative Learning


Paulo Freire – Critical Pedagogy



I picked Paulo Freire’s Critical Pedegogy because of the personal connection to working in the Aboriginal community and the school system.  Freire said that “… my social condition didn’t allow me to have an education…”  But he also believed that oppression shapes one’s learning and can be the transformation to better things.  Freire empowered the less fortunate to bring their own knowledge and experiences into the learning process so that they could think critically about their situation and take action to liberate themselves.

How do I bring this knowledge into a classroom setting.  By understanding that first I need to know the individuals.  This may be difficult if the class is online but in a traditional classroom a strategy may be to do an ice breaker of getting to know individuals like introductions, talking circle, games, etc.

Another thing to remember is not to go into the ‘banking concept’ (student has no knowledge and teacher has all).  Remember that the student has knowledge and something to contribute, that there be ‘back and forth’ critical reflection, and that there is a horizontal relationship (Taylor 1998 p. 18).

One of the first things I bring up in School Base Team Meetings and Care Team meetings is the environmental factors of some families ie, single parent, unemployment, etc. and to come up with goals and supports for the individual.   I know from the holistic approach and the hierarchy of needs, if the fundamentals needs like food, shelter, water are not met, learning will not happen.




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