Week 9 – Blogging


“Blogging is like the eagles flying high above the sunflowers sending messages to the Creator.”  Faye


So what have I learned in the “Secret World of Blog?”(reference to Pierre Burton’s book “Secret World of Og.”)  I’ve got to say that if it wasn’t for this course I would have never adventured to the underworld or blogging but now I am glad I did it.

The first thing I did when I knew I had to create a blog was search the web and read some amazing references (see below) and great resources from the course.  I noticed most people were using WordPress so I decided I would also.

These are the things I learned about creating a blog;

  1.  It it scary!  OMG!  What is blogging?  First thing I did was ask my daughter… nasty look… figure it out for yourself mom?  Second, the students will know at school.  Wrong!  Third, the young teacher I work with will know.  Yes, help… well a least more than I got from my daughter and the students.  Fourth, research, research, research.
  2. Tackle my fears.  OMG!  OK.  Where do I go?  What is a domain?  What site do I use?  Fear… that knot in my gut when I don’t what the heck I’m getting myself into.  Breathe… everyone else in the course has to do this also.  It will be okay.  What do I say to the students?  Don’t let fear control your destiny and reach for the moon.  Remember my goal.
  3.  I was living in denial.  Hey, this isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I can do this.  I did need to get out of my comfort zone.  Now maybe I’ll tackle snapchat… not!  I still don’t understand ‘hashtag’ on my Twitter account.
  4.  I had to get creative.  What do I post?  Why does everyone else’s look better than mine.  After reading Joshua Becker’s blog ‘A Simple, Helpful Guide to Start Your Blog’  I feel better knowing that as my confidence grows blogging, I will become more creative and comfortable with my site.  I am even thinking of blogging on a regular basis.
  5.  I became a better researcher.  I had no idea that the blog world was so big and interesting.  I realized I like reading blogs more than articles.
  6.  I enjoy reading other’s blogs.   A new world of connecting with others.  As a life long learner, I know I will continue to grow reading other people’s blogs.  Maybe I even get brave and reply to some of them.
  7.  I have to be a more thoughtful thinker.  Blogging is out there forever.  In the Cloud, cyperspace as I call it.  Be careful with my words.  I can’t take them back.
  8.  I’m a better person.  Blogging has expanded my horizons has taught me not to limit my mind and extend my imagination.  It has opened the doors to the world without leaving my house.  As I write and read other’s blogs, I have become more inquisitive.  I feel more balanced.

What classmates’s blog did I learn from?

I looked at several different classmates’ blogs and found them intriguing.  Ian’s blog made my mouth water because I could clearly see right away that he was in the food industry.  His blog about learning disorders in adult learners made me think about all the students I have worked with that had learning disorders.  Their challenges would continue through post secondary but their determination to push on will make them succeed.  Kate and Laura’s blogs were similar because they are both in the medical profession and they both had great information about technology in the health care profession and how important it is for new nurses and professionals to be learning it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a partner but I feel that I benefited because it gave me the opportunity to review more classmates’ blogs.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of my blog?

Now looking about other classmates’ blog, I definitely can see I need to reference and link my information better.  Being more creative with my site is going to be the next step.  I have a difficult time with a white background so it must be difficult for others to read mine.  Will be my first priority.  I need to be more open-minded and more confident.






Abdullahi, (n.d.)  http://howtostartablogonline.net/why-blog/

Becker, Joshua, (n.d.) 15 Reason I think You Should Blog http://www.becomingminimalist.com/15-reasons-i-think-you-should-blog/

Reich, Daniel, (Oct. 15/11) 9 Reasons You Should Blog  http://www.forbes.com/sites/danreich/2011/10/15/9-reasons-you-should-blog/#7e2c8f155ab0



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